Invest with impact.

Reduce your carbon footprint by replacing conventional investment methods in favor of granular portfolios of existing units.

Our investment platform is built on advanced data models, thorough research, and expert analysis.

Sustainable Granular portfolios at scale

The vast majority of residential real estate, representing a trillion-dollar opportunity, remains inaccessible to institutional investors due to its fragmented nature. We’re changing that.

Granular residential isn’t just the largest segment of the market, it’s also outperforming other segments. We focus on existing units, minimizing construction waste and environmental impact while maximizing returns.

Investment as a Service

Everything you need to be successful: Powerful technology and a highly experienced, dedicated team

Transform your investment thesis into a market-ready action plan. Real-time data to evaluate the performance.

Tech-enabled sourcing to identify locations and assets with high growth potential. Simplified institutional-grade underwriting. ESG-Driven Renovations

Optimization of financial performance across portfolios with dedicated asset managers . Reporting built for institutional investors

Automated processes to improve management and reduce costs. Top-notch resident experiences through 24/7 maintenance support,.

AI-powered investing technology

Our AI platform identifies undervalued locations, automates valuations and underwriting, and streamlines communication, making property investment more efficient.
Artificial Intelligence
Our proprietary models, combining gentrification and appreciation analysis, utilize millions of data points to identify promising new locations.
Real-time Analytics
Real-time analytics enable you to evaluate portfolio performance against the market, facilitating data-driven optimization for superior financial returns.
Streamlining real estate transactions and property management by automating communication with agencies, sellers, and tenants

Nutual: Impact in Numbers

These emerging models aren’t just trends; they present incredible opportunities. They offer great risk-adjusted returns while simultaneously creating a positive social impact. It’s a win-win scenario for investors and society at large
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Investment Opportunities

Considering the low penetration rates of institutional ownership, the potential for investors seeking stable income streams is immense.
Senior Living

Senior people demanding new housing solutions. Sale & Lease back.

Flex Living

Young people demanding flexibility and experiencies. Rent by the room.

Buy to Let

Offering tenants a flexible professional service adapted to their needs.

Coming sooN

Tenant-Centric Approach

Nutual’s commitment goes beyond financial gains, prioritizing tenant satisfaction and well-being.

By renovating millions of vacant units, we significantly improve housing accessibility, providing high-quality living spaces and enhancing the overall tenant experience.

The greenest building is the one that is already built.
Carl Elefante

American Institute of Architects President

Sustainable Granular Portfolios

We’re not just unlocking access to a previously inaccessible asset type for institutional investors. We’re also contributing to the reduction of carbon footprint, aligning with the Circular Economy

Invest for a brighter future. Join us in making a positive impact.

Sustainable Granular Portfolios: Nutual’s ESG Investment Solution for Institutional Investors

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